Factor 4

Factor 4 Sydney

A new era of skin regeneration has arrived at Crown and Skin Campbelltown with Factor 4.

Factor 4 is an highly concentrated serum created from your own blood that uses growth factors contained in our blood plasma (that no other treatment is able to effectively target) to deliver the gold standard of results in skin regenerative procedures. It contains 4 times more growth factors than any other blood treatment available. A highly technologically advanced tubing system is used to encapsulate and incubate the blood, creating the most advanced and targeted anti-ageing treatment available on the market today. The process that creates Factor 4 serum mimics and amplifies the processes that occur naturally within the body.

Factor 4 treatments benefit skin elasticity, eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, pores and scars through a minimally invasive treatment using your body’s own healing potential.

The Factor 4 treatment process

Patients should generally expect to receive four treatments of Factor 4 at one – three week intervals, followed by top-up treatments every 12 months.

Two vials of 10ml of blood are taken from the patient which is incubated, then put into a centrifuge, producing a serum that is extracted and then filtered. The final serum is then portioned out for your series of treatments, labelled and frozen.

When you come in for treatment, a topical anaesthetic is applied to the treatment area to minimise discomfort. The area then receives two to four passes of micro-needling before the serum is finally infused

Factor 4 is 100% autologous (meaning that it only contains products produced by your own body) and treatments ultra-hydrate the skin to produce a more firm and plump dermal layer.

The treatment itself should take less than one hour.

After the treatment

Redness in the treated area may last between 1 to 3 days and you may also experience mild bruising or swelling around the lips and eyes. It’s recommended that you refrain from physical activities that cause sweating for several days after treatment, and that you avoid wearing makeup or washing the treated region for 12 hours after receiving your treatment.


Factor 4, the effective skin regeneration treatment from Crown and Skin

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