Factor 4 Hair

Factor 4 hair regeneration at Crown and Skin for patients in Campbelltown, Sydney

Factor 4 is a completely natural and minimally invasive treatment developed to stimulate the body’s own cells in order to improve hair growth and overall hair health. Factor 4 uses naturally occurring growth factors, Interluken IL4 / IGF / EGF to stimulate the hair follicles. This hair loss treatment can be used by itself as a standalone treatment, or can be used to compliment other hair restoration treatments such as hair loss medications, supplements programs, low level laser or as part of a hair transplant procedure.

The Factor 4 Process

Factor 4 is a product sourced from your own blood. The process starts with taking blood from the patient. We will remove enough blood in one sitting to produce the serum needed throughout the whole treatment process. After extraction, the blood is placed in an incubator for 6-9 hours. After incubation, the sample is placed in a centrifuge for 30 minutes and then undergoes a specific filtering process.

This entire process was developed to extract from the blood a highly concentrated and super rich serum that contains four times more growth factors than normal PRP treatments. Because the treatment product is derived from your own blood, there is little to no chance of the treatment being rejected, or causing an adverse reaction.

Following the preparation process, the Factor 4 serum containing high levels of growth factors is infused directly into the scalp. Microneedles are used to penetrate into the second layer of skin, where the hair follicles are. This creates thousands of “micro channels” that allow the serum to deeply penetrate while leaving the skin intact and without damage. This promotes constructive regeneration by activating the proliferative phase of the hair cycle, re-awakening dormant follicles and resulting in new hair growth which is thicker than the existing.

For optimal results, a course of 6 treatments 4 weeks apart is recommended.

Factor 4 can also reverse the effects of DHT (a hormone associated with male pattern baldness) on the hair follicles of the scalp, as it rejuvenates the surrounding tissue via the introduction of the growth factors.

Benefits of Factor 4

  • Slow the rate of hair loss
  • Boost the health and condition of the scalp
  • Prepare the scalp for hair transplantation procedure
  • Aid recovery of the scalp post hair transplant procedure
  • Stimulate collagen levels

Factor 4 also assists in the treatment of the following skin and scalp conditions:

  • Genetic hair loss
  • Dry, Itchy and inflamed scalp
  • Alopecia Areata – auto immune response
  • Telogen Effluvium – commonly caused by stress\

Factor 4 for patients in Sydney

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